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Getting Started

Where do I Find the Quadra App in Shopify?

To add the Quadra App to your Shopify store please go to this link and install the Quadra App. https://apps.shopify.com/quadra-marketplace. Haven’t created your Shopify store yet? Click Here to get your store set up now!. Not yet a Quadra Pro subscri

How Do I Add Payment Info To My Account?

You can add or update payment settings in the Quadra app by clicking on Account at the top left of the screen. Select Payment out of the drop-down menu. This will take you to the Payments page where you can enter or update your payment information. H

What Payment Methods Does Quadra Accept?

We accept all major credit cards. In order to use the Quadra app, you must provide a credit or debit card. This card will be stored securely with a third-party payment processor of our choosing. Payments will be charged to this card as your orders ar

How Do I Setup Store Policies?

Here is a link to an article from Shopify's help center about how to setup store policies:. Adding Store Policies. To ensure that your  policies match up with production and shipping times you will want your store policies to cover the different manu