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Good Faith AgreementUpdated 2 years ago

Dropshipping Good Faith Agreement

This agreement is made in good faith between Quadra Ecommerce, LLC, hereinafter referred to as “Quadra,” residing in Cache Valley, Utah, and you, hereinafter referred to as “Client,” residing at the address provided by you within the Quadra Marketplace app, hereinafter referred to as “the App.”

It is understood that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time by Quadra. Quadra agrees to make a best effort to notify Clients of changes to these terms and conditions.

Law to Govern Contract

This agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced, in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah. The parties agree that Cache County, Utah, shall be the sole and exclusive venue for any litigation or other proceeding between the Parties that may be brought to arise out of, or in connection with, or by reason, of this agreement.

Production and Shipping Times

Production and shipping times are listed for each individual product in the App and will vary based on the product’s type.

All production and shipping times for an order in the Quadra app will begin from the date that your payment method is successfully charged for the order by Quadra.

The presence of a tracking number does not always mean that the order has shipped/left our facility. We reserve the right to hold products/orders for production for the full timeframe listed in the App even after a shipping label has been printed. 

Shipping Method and Shipping Costs

Shipping methods and shipping costs are listed for each individual product in the App and will vary based on the product’s type.

Packaging Materials

Quadra’s manufacturers provide packaging materials for all items and the cost is included in the product shipping cost.

Fees Billed to You, Our Client

You will be charged on a per-item basis for the product cost as well as any shipping costs. Product and shipping costs for each individual product can be found in the Quadra Marketplace app and will vary based on each individual product.


You must provide a credit or debit card to use our services. This card will be stored securely with a third-party payment processor of our choosing. Payments will be charged to this card as your orders are received into our system. We reserve the right to charge this card individually for an order or to batch multiple orders into a single charge. We will not begin the production and fulfillment process on any product until the payment has been successfully charged to the card on file. The Client is responsible to contact their bank or credit card company in the event of a failed payment. Orders won't be processed for failed payment and errors. Refer to the Quadra dashboard for payment and order status.

3rd Party Platforms

Quadra is not responsible for Charges/Issues/Closures or other such problems that may occur on 3rd party platforms you as our client might use with the Quadra app. It is up to you to read and follow Quadra's selling agreements such as our FAQ, How to's and other legal documents. It is also up to you to follow each of the terms of service for any platforms you might use with our app.

Replacements, Refunds, Exchanges, Product Issues


We will either replace or refund for damaged or lost items. We do not accept returns nor will we reimburse you for any return shipping costs incurred by you or your customers for damaged products or incorrect shipping addresses. 

What we need to make a replacement or refund an order:

  • Please provide the customer name and email.

  • Please provide the order number

  • Any information the customer has provided to you about the issue over email

  • Please provide a picture of the wrong/damaged item.


Any returns due to size issues or second thoughts are entirely up to you and how you would like to handle them with your customers, we don't offer exchanges or refunds in those situations.


If the manufacturer sent out the wrong product, wrong size, or bad graphic, send a support ticket with a picture of what the customer received for quality control purposes and we will offer a refund or replacement once the issue is deemed the manufacturer's fault or our fault.

US customers have up to 30 days after the shipped date and international customers have up to 60 days after the shipped date to request a refund or rework for damaged or missing items in an order.

Order Cancellations

Whoops! We’ve all been there. Your customer wants to change how many items they are ordering, update a size, or cancel the order all together. No worries, as long as your order has not been sent to the manufacturer, we have you covered. Once your payment method has been charged for the order in the Quadra app it will be placed in a processing status. Then the order will be sent to the manufacturer for production and can no longer be canceled.

If your order has not been sent to the manufacturer, please send us a support ticket in the Quadra app about the issue and one of our support staff may be able to cancel the order for you. If the order is able to be canceled then the order can be resubmitted by placing a new order in your Shopify store.

If you need to update the shipping on an order please send us a support ticket in the Quadra app. As long as the order has not been shipped we will be more than willing to update the shipping information on the order.

It is important that you act swiftly however, because our manufacturer's do not allow us to change or cancel an order once it has been placed with them.

If for some reason the order shows as in production, feel free to contact support in the Quadra app and we will do our best to help you take care of it.


If we receive an order back for an incorrect shipping address you will be charged for reshipping the order to your customer. If we do not receive an order back for an incorrect shipping address or an old address a new manual order will be required. We don't refund orders that are shipped back to us for incorrect shipping addresses. 


If an order is lost due to a bad or old address we will not refund the order. You will need to create a new order for your customer and new product and shipping charges will apply.



We will either replace or refund.


If a package does not show any movement or becomes lost in transit and is past the allotted time for delivery by 3 business days, We will send a new package - at our cost - to the customer, or refund the order. We may ask you to check with your customer to verify the shipping address or supply us with a new shipping address.

Quadra Pro Annual Refund Policy

We are committed to your success and we are confident that if you go through the trainings, launch products, and advertise products using what you’ve been taught in the trainings, you will be successful.

Therefore to qualify for Quadra's refund policy you must first fulfill each of the following requirements. As mentioned in the masterclass and on our sales page this is what you need to qualify for the refund:

  • Use your Quadra Pro subscription for a full year
  • Create 100 products using your own designs
  • Spend at least $500 in advertising
  • Watch all of the included training videos

If you have done all four of these things and you haven’t made a single sale at the end of your first year, then please contact us and we will work on getting you a refund.

Quadra Pro Monthly Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for the Quadra Pro Monthly subscription. If you would like to discontinue your monthly subscription please contact us and we will remove you from the Quadra Pro Monthly plan.

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