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How Do I Set a Delay on Order Processing?Updated 4 months ago

As a default setting the Quadra app will process your orders and send them to the manufacturer as soon as the order is received. Because our manufacturers do not allow us to change or cancel orders/order information after an order has been sent to them we cannot offer refunds or cancel orders once your payment method has been charged and the order status moves to "Processing".

If you want to be able to cancel or modify an order you will need to set a processing delay on your orders. 

To change your order processing time please enter the app then go to Account located at the top right of the screen.

Then select "Settings"

Then scroll down until you reach the "Order Processing" Section.

Please select the drop down menu and select when you would like the Quadra app to process and send your orders to the manufacturers.

We have given you order processing options up to 24 hours after the order took place. There is also an option for manual approval that you may choose to use if you would like to manually approve each order before it is sent to the manufacturer. For instructions on how to approve an order if you have selected this option please click here.

If you choose to put a delay on your order processing time the status of your order will be listed as "Pending" until the allotted time has passed. You will be able to cancel orders as long as the status of the order is still "Pending". As soon as the order status has moved to "Processing" the order will be sent to the manufacturer and it will be too late for you to cancel the order.

Important Note: It is important for you to know that Shopify allows you to cancel your order whenever you would like. While Shopify allows you to do this, Quadra will not be able to fulfill the cancel request after the order has been sent to the manufacturer and your payment method has been charged. Because of this Quadra does not offer refunds on orders that were cancelled by the seller after the order has been sent to the manufacturer.

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