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How Do I Make Changes To Or Cancel An Order?Updated 4 months ago

If your card has been charged, the order has been sent to the manufacturer and we will be unable to refund your money or cancel the order. Once your payment method has been charged for the order in the Quadra app it will be placed in a "processing" status. At this point the order will have been sent to the manufacturer for production and can no longer be canceled.

If the order status reads as "pending" then your payment method has not been charged and you can cancel the order on your side of Shopify. This will stop our system from sending your order to the manufacturer and your payment method will not be charged.

If you do not put a delay on when your orders are processed then you will be unable to cancel your orders. The default setting is to process orders immediately after the order is received. To set a delay on your orders please click here for an FAQ with instructions on how change order processing time.

At the moment there is no way to put a hold on an order but we plan on adding the feature to the Quadra app.

If you need to update the shipping on an order please send us a support ticket in the Quadra app. As long as a shipping label has not been printed, we will be more than willing to update the shipping information on the order.

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