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What is Print On Demand and How Does it Work?Updated 2 years ago

If you've come here, chances are good you're interested in starting your own business on Shopify or Etsy but have yet to determine if the Quadra App is the right fit for you. The Quadra App operates a print on demand service for ecommerce sellers. But what, you may be asking, is, what is print on demand? Great question! Below we will answer that question and more.

What is Print On Demand? (POD)?

POD SignPrint on demand is a new form of ecommerce selling that allows sellers to contact manufacturers of white label products ( such as mugs, wall signs and  t-shirts) and upload a design of their making to be printed onto the product. Aside from the astounding level of customization this offers, another key benefit comes in the way print on demand products are made a sold, on a sale by sale basis. Meaning that the product isn't made until after an order has been placed.

The traditional way to sell online was to find a product, order that product in bulk, and then start selling. The issue people discovered with this form of selling is there's a lot of risk on your end. After all, you could sell out within in the first week, but you could also just as easily be left with 500 or more of the product at the end of six months. This reality made selling online a large risk to the small business owner and large CEO alike.

Just as the industrial age's fast and cheaply made bulk products forever changed world markets, so too, has print on demand and its low risk customization, changed the digital markets.

Many sellers find great comfort in the low risk sales they get by doing print on demand, and in a world getting increasingly desperate for that special customized product, customers find print on demand products to be a breath of fresh air.

How the Quadra App Simplifies the Process

The pros of going the POD route for your business are pretty obvious from the get go. It's the logistics that get a bit more complicated. Where do you find manufacturers?  How do you make sure the manufacturer's receive and print the right design? How do you know which products to launch?

The Quadra App simplifies the process by making the designing of your products the hardest part of launching them. From start to finish our app lets you select the product you want to sell, upload your own design, and launch it directly to your Shopify store. Once on your store the product sits and waits until someone places an order. It's only after an order has been placed and your customer was charged that we charge you.

Once the customer has placed their order on a product in the Quadra App we send the product with its design to the manufacturers. They print the design on the product and use the shipping information we sent them to package and ship the product directly to your customer. That's all there is to it. By using us as the middle man, you are free to spend more of your valuable time creating designs, marketing your products, or doing whatever else you want to do!

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