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What is Included with Quadra Pro?Updated 4 months ago

The Quadra Pro Annual subscription comes with a lot, and it can be hard to navigate. We get it :) That's why we've created this FAQ to help our Quadra Pro members understand what is included in your subscription and what is not.

The first thing to note is there are three subscriptions that you can subscribe to:

  • Quadra Pro Monthly
  • Quadra Pro Annual
  • Quadra Success Academy

What is Included with Quadra Pro Monthly?

  • Premium Pricing
  • Early Access to New Products
  • Unlimited Orders Per Month

What is Premium Pricing?

Premium Pricing gives you access to better pricing on all products. With premium pricing you will save up to 50% on every product over free users.

Why is Premium Pricing Important?

At Quadra we realize that it all comes down to the end customer. If the price is too high customers won't purchase and if customer's won't purchase then you have to cut prices. Without premium pricing there's only so low your prices can go before you start losing money on every order.

However, with premium pricing you can afford to give your customers discounts, deals, and volume pricing, all while still making money. Because of this we highly encourage all our users to sell with Quadra Pro and premium pricing.

What is Included with Quadra Pro Annual?

  • Premium Pricing
  • Early Access to New Products
  • Unlimited Orders Per Month
  • Live Training with Brian and John Every Month
  • Access to All Previous Quadra Pro Monthly Training Recordings
  • All Training Labeled as Quadra Pro Training

What isn't Included with Quadra Pro Annual?

  • The Quadra Success Academy
  • The Additional Training on the Quadra Membership Site
  • The Quadra Insider Newsletter

Why Don't I have Access to All the Training with my Quadra Pro Annual Subscription?

Quadra strives to be a helpful resource to any and all print on demand sellers. For this reason Quadra has some smaller courses that are sold separately from the Quadra Pro Annual Subscription. Having smaller courses that are sold separately allows everyone to benefit form Quadra's resources.

What Is The Quadra Success Academy?

The Quadra Success Academy is the top tier training that Quadra offers to users. Included with the Success Academy is:

  • Exclusive Master Class Deep Dives Designed for Experienced Sellers
  • Access to ALL Live Workshops Throughout the Year (+ recordings afterwards)
  • Access to the Quadra Success Academy Facebook Page
  • The Quadra Insider Newsletter

The main reason the Quadra Success Academy is sold separately is because the Quadra Pro subscription has been specifically designed to help beginner to intermediate sellers get started selling products. All the content provided in the Quadra Success Academy is high level content that would be confusing for a beginning seller. For this reason Quadra has decided to separate the two.

If you feel you are ready for a deep dive into selling online with print on demand Quadra welcomes new subscribers to the Quadra Success Academy. Users are encouraged to purchase the Quadra Success Academy whenever you feel ready to do so. We look forward to seeing you there!

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