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What Shipping Carriers Do You Use?

Depending on the product, we use either USPS or OSM Worldwide. You will be able to see which shipping method is used when creating a product in the Quadra App. To see which shipping carrier is being used for the product, first select the product you'

What Items Ship Together?

All items in the Quadra Marketplace App will ship separately by product type. Haven’t created your Shopify store yet? Click Here to get your store set up now!. Not yet a Quadra Pro subscriber? We have a FREE masterclass that will teach you Print On D

How Quickly Will You Ship My Order?

We understand that as business owners you want your products shipped out as quickly as possible. We also understand it is imperative to know in what time frame packages will arrive at your customers doorstep. In order to be transparent with your cust

What Happens if an Order Ships With a Bad Address?

INCORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESSES. If we receive an order back for an incorrect shipping address you will be charged for reshipping the order to your customer. If we do not receive an order back for an incorrect shipping address or an old address, a new m

Why Am I Not Receiving Tracking From the Quadra Marketplace App?

If you aren't receiving the tracking information from the Quadra Marketplace app it could be a setting that needs to be changed. Follow the below instructions or watch the video for a play by play on how to fix this issue. Step 1: Go to your Shopify

Is Shipping Included in the Price of the Product?

Product Pricing and Shipping. Shipping is not included in the price of a product. Because the cost of shipping changes between products it is important to take shipping prices into account when setting retail prices for each product you design and la

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

To access information regarding shipping prices, select the New Product button located at the top left of the screen. Select the product you would like to launch. For the example we'll be using the Bamboo BBQ Set. The first section is the Product Cos

Does Quadra Marketplace Ship Internationally?

Currently the Quadra App only ships domestically. However, we are working on getting international shipping worked out with our manufacturers. If you would like to check on the shipping information of your product, all information, including internat