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Where Do I Find My Order Tracking Information?

To view your orders, select Your Orders from the top left of the screen. From this page you can view all of your orders. You can search for a specific order or scroll down to view all of your orders (listed from newest to oldest). To view the trackin

How Do I Send My Customer Fulfillment/Shipping Information

To enable Shopify to send fulfillment/shipping information to your customers go to the Quadra app and select Settings located in the Account drop down menu. Scroll down until you see the Order Processing section. If you would like Shopify to send ful

How Do I Make Changes or Cancel an Order?

If your card has been charged, the order has been sent to the manufacturer and we will be unable to refund your money or cancel the order. Once your payment method has been charged for the order in the Quadra app it will be placed in a "processing" s

What are the Order Statuses in the Quadra App?

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How Do I Set a Delay on Order Processing?

As a default setting the Quadra app will process your orders and send them to the manufacturer as soon as the order is received. Because our manufacturers do not allow us to change or cancel orders/order information after an order has been sent to th

How Do I Order Samples?

At this time there is no way to purchase product samples from within the Quadra Marketplace App. We are working on including this feature in the app but for now the only way to order product samples is from your own Shopify store front. Step 1: Selec